Continuous Output Level Sensor

DuLan Sensors are Continuous Output Level Sensor (transmitter) is a 4-20 mA (or 0-5 volt) output, reliable tank measuring sensor. Our continuous level sensor is a high quality, competitively priced.

These continuous output level sensors come pre-programmed and no calibration is needed. Installation could not be easier, just mount the continuous output level sensor into your tank, wire to a controller and you are done. DuLan’s versatile Continuous Level Output Sensor (transmitter) is available in a variety of materials, lengths and mounting options making it an ideal choice for most liquid level sensor applications.

We offer these in measuring lengths of 2” to 120”while maintaining a ¼” resolution.

These Sensor are engineered with a focus on durability. In the unlikely event a single internal component was to fail, the sensor output would only be affected in an isolated area allowing the balance of the measuring range to effectively operate.

Our liquid level sensor products are engineered to meet the customers exact specifications. Our customers often realize that customization will improve their equipment performance, simplify the sensors integration into their equipment and lower overall equipment costs.


Continuous Level Sensor, 4-20MA, SS, 19 OAL, 3/4″ NPT THREADS DOWN WITH 1/2″ MALE CONDUIT CONNECTION, 17″ MR, 1″ Upper DB, 1″ Lower DB, 12″ 18GA PTFE LEAD WIRE


We can design a low cost SCADA ready controller for the tank strapping application. In addition, we can Host the data on the web and provide call out tank alarms, levels, volumes and etc.